• lolana dovana
    19.07.2022 22.30

    Customer retention rate.

    The Retention Rate indicator is used to evaluate the work on customer retention. This is a coefficient that reflects the company's ability to maintain a long-term relationship with the visitor. It can be used to judge the number of regular customers, how satisfied they are with the service and product, whether they will return and recommend an online store in their environment.


    Customer Retention Rate is a base in the analysis of retention campaigns. The coefficient is tracked in dynamics. To calculate it, you need to know:


    The number of buyers at the end of the period.

    The number of new customers for the entire period.

    The number of buyers at the beginning of the period.

  • Karl_ Karl_
    20.07.2022 15.45

    Customer retention is the ability of a company to retain existing customers. Customer retention is measured as the percentage of a company's customers at the end of the reporting period compared to the number at the beginning of the reporting period.

  • Loy Bosco
    20.07.2022 16.37

    You have a great opportunity to improve your offerings and customer satisfaction by simply listening to feedback. Was the service decent? Did the product live up to expectations? Are customers satisfied with the value for money? Just ask and get feedback. https://creabl.com/service/track-retension Existing customers have already purchased from you, so unless they had a negative experience, they will continue to do so. You have already gained confidence in yourself as a seller and in your product, you know something about customers that makes it easier to understand their needs and predict actions.

  • Vlad Yamek
    21.07.2022 13.04

    The battle for customers goes on all the time in business. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you sell shoes or develop websites, the client must be satisfied with what he has bought from you, and therefore there are such schemes as a discount system, a sale, a cashback. Everything is done so that the buyer buys from you and not from another.

  • Villy Vil
    22.07.2022 19.44

    Customer retention is the future of business growth. It’s not enough to attract potential customers with quality content or by promising them a great deal. Now, in order to stand out in the face of fierce competition, companies need to retain customers by offering them such a successful interaction experience.

  • Piter_ 90
    22.07.2022 19.51

    It is very important that the buyer likes the product or service. But it is equally important that he has a reason to remember you after the purchase and make a new one. If everything suits him, he will forever remain your client.

  • andree one
    13.01.2023 03.54

    The retention rate is a metric used to evaluate a company's ability to keep its customers over a period of time. It is typically measured as a percentage wordle 2 and can be used to track the effectiveness of customer retention efforts. The retention rate is calculated by dividing the number of customers who remain active over a specific period of time by the total number of customers at the beginning of that period.

  • farhan set
    17.01.2023 21.19

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  • sara jane
    30.01.2023 01.39


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