• Loy Bosco
    11.08.2022 13.11

    We would like to develop our own game, we have some ideas, but we can't find developers. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find game developers with the necessary experience and skills. How to increase your chances of finding specialists?

  • Филипп Гуликов
    12.08.2022 08.41

    I believe that you need to browse more sites and communicate more with specialists, because this way you will learn more information you need. There are a huge number of sites where people offer their services, but it is best to order from large companies, teams of people with extensive experience often work there

  • Vlad Yamek
    12.08.2022 14.52

    I think at home alone it is not possible to write and develop any game, this business is carried out by companies with a huge staff of specialists on professional equipment with a huge budget. It takes time to make a good computer game.

  • Karl_ Karl_
    12.08.2022 18.42

    If you want to create a simple game, then in principle you can learn how to write simple games yourself. But in your case, you need a high-level game with a great engine. In this case, you just need to contact the development team https://kevurugames.com/game-development/ who have all the skills to create games at a high level. This development team has all the global knowledge of how to make the game as amazing as possible by today's standards.

  • Maksim Gilonov
    13.08.2022 06.40

    It will be very difficult, but I sincerely hope that soon you will be able to find specialists who will make such a game for you. But work on this game will take a really long time, it's all a very time-consuming process

  • Piter_ 90
    13.08.2022 17.10

    Yes, it's not that difficult. Now there are many companies that develop games. Although if you really need a super great game, then the developers can be counted on the fingers. Here, too, they write interesting options.

  • Sergio Seamus
    17.08.2022 09.15

    There's a serious lack of developers in this day and age, but worry not - I am here. While also knowing the best ways to write an essay, I also am a very capable developer. I can develop anything you could want.

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