• Alexander Graf
    10.05.2022 14.47

    Hi guys. I haven't played Minecraft yet, but I plan to start, because there is a lot of talk about this game. Do you have any advice for me? I would be very grateful to hear your opinion.


  • Olaf Richter
    10.05.2022 16.08

    I started playing Minecraft on the advice of my friend. And now we spend every evening playing. I like everything about her, and I would not talk about one. This is a unique game!

  • Max Miller
    10.05.2022 19.16

    Well, it's good that now you can ask for advice on how and where to play better. Two years ago, when I was just starting to play minecraft, I was advised to save the best servers, and then choose the best one and play on it. And now I have a Minecraft Server List in which I have collected the best ones, indicated the description of each and now I play for them, depending on my mood.

  • killer smile
    05.07.2022 09.50
  • robberstalice robberstalice
    05.08.2022 19.49

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  • will james
    09.08.2022 11.57

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  • Osborn Tyler
    24.10.2022 11.35

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  • Tomas Ivchuk
    05.12.2022 09.56

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