• lolana dovana
    19.07.2022 11.52

    What do I need to know when launching an NFT project?

    In order to tokenize and sell a photo, image, video, audio or animation using NFT, you only need to register on OpenSea, SuperRare, Raible or another NFT platform and issue a token using it, following simple instructions. It's very simple and accessible to everyone.

    But if you want not just to sell an image or video, but to launch a full-fledged NFT project, for example, a marketplace, a video game, a platform for investing in real estate, etc., then for this you need to understand: what is NFT, how they work, what they are and in what areas they can be useful. In addition, you will also need to find out where to find an NFT developer company and by what criteria you can understand that this company is exactly what you need.

  • Mirusa Serko
    20.07.2022 08.31

    Not long ago I registered on a site where they sell their logos, downloaded a program for creating different pictures, but no matter how much I make these logos, no one buys, I have no talent in this direction. You write that there are servers that can make beautiful images to order. I have not met such programmers. I would order such a logo that would be like a small video clip, they are well bought. I think that you are well versed in this, can you tell me on which server you can order moving pictures...

  • Justin Barnes
    21.07.2022 19.22

    Now that's news )) Cryptocurrency and all sorts of tokens are evolving. Now there are even ideas to sell videos and other content. Super ))) For such an idea it is necessary to make a good software and portal with good advertising.

  • Stanly Evans
    21.07.2022 21.52

    The NFT game industry https://unicsoft.com/blockchain-development/nft-game-development/  is very new and will definitely continue to grow. Despite the required improvements, is this not an evolution? The dream of all gamers becomes a reality and now the player gets paid money when he plays! These games are seriously superior to all their predecessors in terms of game mechanics and entertainment. They attract not only people who want to stupidly make money on a monosyllabic game. But also real gamers from all over the world, because in order to play a game, it must be really interesting!

  • Jonatan Ortiz
    22.07.2022 10.37

    It’s good that such programmers appeared to create games, they didn’t exist before. I wonder if they will be able to assemble such a site as (mining) or is it not possible, I understand that it is expensive, but I would not regret the money for this site as mining, I think that it will quickly pay off. You can assemble a simple game yourself, you just need to download the necessary program and work on it, sooner or later everything will work out.

  • Nikita Kaar
    23.07.2022 15.41

    NFT is an “non -replaceable token”, a digital object that has a unique digital characteristic. There can be a lot of copies of this object, but the original will always be from the one who has acquired this object. In such games, you can buy an object that will be exclusive for the buyer. We are talking about characters who can boast and pump.

  • Harry Jeffer
    17.11.2022 19.59

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