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  • rian lee
    30.05.2022 08.46

    This global giant is often accused of killing the High Street by undercutting traditional retailers and paying less tax.

    Now it's moving onto their physical patch as well.


    However, retail expert Natalie Berg said the Amazon move "is purely about experimentation".

    The giant's aim, she said, is to encourage more online shopping.

    "This is not about shifting more product; it's about baiting shoppers into Amazon's ecosystem," Ms Berg said.

    "It's about getting shoppers to engage with Amazon's devices, reminding Prime customers of the value in their memberships, and offering additional choice when it comes to collection and returns of online orders."

    Amazon has already opened six grocery convenience stores in the UK with checkout-free technology.

    But Ms Berg said the jury is still out as to whether the world's most disruptive retailer can do one of the most fundamental retail tasks - run stores.


    "The 4-star concept has the potential to be a bit muddled and uninspiring," she said.

    "The store features a smorgasbord of products, the result of Amazon's very scientific, data-led approach to physical retail.

  • Sien Joel
    30.05.2022 11.11

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  • Sergio Seamus
    19.06.2022 19.34
  • killer smile
    05.07.2022 09.40

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  • killer smile
    05.07.2022 10.19
  • Madeleine Lambie
    17.07.2022 06.31

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  • Jeanne E. Hubbard
    24.07.2022 21.03
  • Martin Hannah
    12.08.2022 02.41
  • Remi Ortiz
    12.08.2022 02.47
  • Alfredo Fernandez
    12.08.2022 02.51
  • chan vova
    14.11.2022 03.28
  • Bobby Rencher
    23.11.2022 15.15

    It aims to increase customer interaction with Amazon's devices, emphasize the benefits of Prime memberships, and give customers more options for picking up and returning their online purchases. house cleaning orlando

  • James Longman
    26.11.2022 15.57

    Really great site. Looking at the swedish social system one has to have some kind of barrier to stop large companies from paying no taxes. the best way is to mostly buy local such as from Fertighaus Massa-Haus. That would be great.

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