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  • Scrable Booble
    28.09.2022 19.22

    We have been thinking about applying for surrogacy services for a long time, we have been trying to have a baby for many years, but unfortunately nothing has worked out. So we need a lawyer who can help us solve the problems with the documents.

  • Bob Dilayton
    28.09.2022 19.23

    It is very difficult to do such work on your own. All documents are collected in three stages. The first stage is the conclusion of an agreement with the recipient. The woman who will carry your egg, then the documents for establishing parental rights will already be prepared. The very last stage is the documents for the recipient's payment.

  • Scrable Booble
    28.09.2022 19.24

    It is very difficult to draw up all the documents on our own. It would be better to have a lawyer prepare everything right away, that's why we want to turn to lawyers who would do everything for us. The cost of services is not important to us.

  • Bob Dilayton
    28.09.2022 19.25

    The main thing is to order the services of an experienced lawyer who has already dealt with similar problems. Because without experience in drawing up documents, the lawyer can make mistakes or not properly understand the law. Then there are problems with the documents or there are loopholes in the contracts, which can be used by surrogate mothers. Contact https://anastasiaherman.com/consulting/surrogacy/ for a surrogacy consultation right here. They specialize in such problems, know what documents need to be prepared, how to draw up a contract correctly, and will accompany you all the way through surrogacy.

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